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Returning Utes & Trucks

Returning Your Vehicle 

At West Gosford Ute & Truck Rental, our vehicle returning procedure is designed to make the return quick and convenient. 

Return Date & Time 

When renting a vehicle with West Gosford Ute & Truck Rentals, a confirmation email and rental record will be mailed to the email address provided at the time of making the reservation. Included in the email will be the vehicle return date & time. For any renters that require a late return, it is necessary to speak with a West Gosford Ute & Truck Rental for approval and instructions. 

Late Returns 

When returning a vehicle to West Gosford Ute & Truck Rental, it is important to follow the reserved return time that is provided in the email confirmation sent. We reserve the right to charge for late returns. 

Unattended Rentals 

For renters that need to return vehicles outside of opening hours, a West Gosford Ute & Truck Rental rep will provide you with your options.   All after hour drop off times must be approved. Also, the responsibility for the vehicle will be with the renters until we open and properly check in the vehicle. 

Return Damage Inspection

When vehicles are checked in to West Gosford Ute & Truck Rental, a team member will quickly complete a damage inspection on the vehicle. If damage is found, West Gosford Ute & Truck Rental will calculate the damages, and depending on the nature of the damage, as well as any protection and collision damage insurance, will properly apply the charges. 

Return Fuel Level Check 

Vehicles being returned to West Gosford Ute & Truck Rental should be returned with the same fuel level as when they were picked up. Any vehicle not returned with the same fuel level will be appropriately charged as per the fuel option agreed upon at the time of reserving the vehicle. 

Before You Drop Off Your Vehicle 

Fill the tank of the vehicle to the fuel level as when you picked up the auto 

Clean out the interior of the auto- trash, personal items, cargo, etc. 

Check for any damage

  • If dropping your vehicle off after hours, be sure that the keys and rental contract are placed into the drop off box. A copy of the rental contract should be kept for your records  
  • Late drop offs can result in an additional day rental charge. Should additional days be required, please contact a team member of West Gosford Ute & Truck Rental. 

For more information on returning your vehicle, or to reserve a Ute or Truck, please contact West Gosford Ute & Truck Rental.

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